About ERA

The Eastern Reprographic Association is comprised of entrepreneurial businesses, serving the large- and wide-format reproduction needs of architectural, engineering, manufacturing, retail, and advertising industries. Average sales volume is about $1.5 million and average employee counts are 20-25 people. Reproduction methods include: diazo (blueline), electrostatic (Xerographic), photographic, laser, and ink jet.

Reproductions can be made from the same size or smaller/larger hard copy originals. Prints can also be computer generated from CADD (computer aided design and drafting) files or from a continuously growing variety of desktop publishing and design software packages.

In addition to addressing the large-format reproductions needs of their customers, ERA members sell reprographic equipment and consumable supplies. Services such as mounting and lamination, quick copying, microfilming, scanning and facility management are also provided.Productions include architectural/engineering blueprints and renderings, indoor and outdoor signage, maps, billboards, backlit displays, trade show graphics, legal and medical exhibits, etc.

The reprographic industry has embraced the digital and computer revolutions, and is now using these changes to develop new markets and services. The originals with which reprographers work often no longer begin life as pieces of paper on a drawing board, but as a series of bits and bytes in a computer. And, the reprographer has to find the best, most cost-effective way to convert invisible electronic files to meaningful prints, graphics and displays.

The Eastern Reprographic Association (ERA) was formed in 2009 with the merger of the Eastern Regional Reprographic Association (ERRA) and the Southeastern Reprographic Association (SRA). For the future, the goal of the ERA will be to provide member firms with support, information, publications, and an opportunity to meet, view new technology and interact with their peers.

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