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Color CAD: Is the Tipping Point Near?

AIR Graphics in Boston may be on the leading edge of a trend that will transform reprographics: A large-scale switch from monochrome CAD printing to color CAD printing.

            “It’s growing every single day,” says Mike Cully, president of AIR Graphics. “We developed a program called Perfect Plans about three years ago. We’ve gone out to our existing base of clients that we do a lot of CAD printing for and suggested that for a little bit more money we can do color for you. It took a while, but slowly people took the idea and have converted a lot of their black & white CAD printing into color.”

Color CAD printing is not new, and its rise has long been predicted. Factors that are pushing its growing acceptance include a wider range of printers than can affordably print color CAD and a growing understanding of the error-reduction value of color prints of complex BIM drawings. Factors that may still drag down its growth are continued price concerns and accompanying fear of shrinking margins.


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Make It Your Business: Get More of Your Marketing Emails Opened and Read

The Radicati Group, in an April 2012 study, determined that worldwide email traffic totals 144.8 billion messages per day—and more than 61 percent of them relate to business. Further, the study put the number of registered email accounts at 3.3 billion in 2010—of which three-fourths are personal, and the rest are corporate email addresses.

Unfortunately, just pressing the “Send” button will not guarantee your message to a prospect, client or business contact will be opened, read and acted upon. In fact, the average open rate of emails was a measly 19.7 percent in 2012, according to a 2013 Silverpop benchmark study.


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Leadership Actions That Are Not an Option for Leaders

“Where’s the action? Where’s the game?” is a line in the song “Oldest Established” from the immortal Broadway show (and my personal favorite) Guys and Dolls.

For the uninformed, the show is about a craps game and a leader named Nathan Detroit. The movie version stars Frank Sinatra and Marlon Brando and won all kinds of awards.

The plot is about gambling, winning, attracting, and making it happen no matter what. It’s just a great show and movie with great music and a happy ending.

The theme is one of looking to the leader to make things happen. And it’s the same in your business - just without the craps game and the songs. BUT not without gambling. All business is a gamble and all businesses look to their leaders to “make it happen.”


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Quality service, not low prices, creates loyalty

Faced with declining foot traffic, many big chains have lowered prices, increased advertising and overhauled their store layouts.

Notice anything missing here?

According to a new report from Gallup—The State of the American Consumer—in their "panic to compete," brick-and-mortar stores "often overlook what really matters to their customers—service."

Price is important, but Gallup warns it cannot be the only thing that differentiates a store from the competition, because price is not the only factor customers consider when making a purchase.


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